8 signs which indicates engine oil change

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November 5, 2018
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December 14, 2018
car servicing in pune

8 signs which indicate engine oil change.


One of the most important measures to run any car as smooth as butter is a regular change of engine oil. However, it is not necessary to change it every month as it depends upon the distance that vehicle has covered but usually many drivers forget about it.

Oil change ensures that the engine runs smoothly and provide you with a better mileage. So how can you know that it is time to change the oil.

Here are 8 signs which indicate that your engine wants to munch new oil.


  1. Increased Engine Noise- Oil provides a protective coating between engine parts, avoiding metal-to-metal contact and keeping the engine quiet.As the time passes oil becomes thin and poorly textured so as it starts losing its property. Driving with bad quality engine oil can create a knocking sound which can damage the components of the engine.


  1. Exhaust Smoke- We can see translucent vapor coming from the exhaust pipes but if it turns out to be a thick black smoke then there’s a problem my friend. You need to rush to the nearest car repair center to get your oil changed.


  1. More Mileage than Usual- When you are out for a long distance travel or a road trip or your odometer shows higher numbers than usual, you may need to change the oil. Every car is different, but most should have their oil changed every 10000 km or three months. New vehicles usually require a change of oil every 15000 km or six months. Check your owner’s handbook for specific guidelines.


  1. Check Engine Light-An illuminated oil change light on your car’s dashboard dictates that there’s too little oil in the system. As you see this light, check your oil level with the dipstick and if it’s insufficient, change your oil as soon as possible. A motor mechanic can read the signal of the light and help you determine if you need an oil change to resolve the issue.


  1. Smelling something oily? If you get a strong smell of oil, consider it as an oil leak. This smell can get mixed with the exhaust gas which indicates that your car is overheating. Well, you need to visit your nearest car servicing centre in Pune ASAP!


  1. Shaking while idle- When your car is idle your engine remains still or dry up then you might feel some vibrations or shaking motions when you start your car after a long time.


  1. Irregular Texture of Oil- As oil runs through engine it gets darker over a period of time. So color isn’t always a reliable indicator that you need to change the engine oil, However, over time, oil can pick up small elements of grime that make the liquid gritty.


  1. Ticking Sound while Startup- When you start your vehicle, the engine begins to circulate oil. If the oil has an improper texture, this may take more time and effort than usual. In this situation, you may hear a ticking noise while your engine heats up. This noise comes from valves operating to maneuver the oil effectively.


Hence, it is necessary to keep a check at your engine oil level and change it time to time at the Car Care Center so as it increases the age of your vehicle and making it last longer.

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