Tips For Carefree Drive During Monsoon

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July 17, 2018
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Care-free monsoon Drive

No matter how much we wait for the summers to end to enjoy the chilling weather of monsoon, one can never overlook the damage that it creates to your vehicle while giving you the weather to enjoy.

According to a survey, there is a maximum danger of your car parts getting damaged because of the non-stop showering water. Here for few tips and tricks by Car Care Centre to protect your car during monsoon and enjoy the weather carefreely.

The parts that need our special attention during Monsoon are

  • Tires
  • Wipers and Washer
  • Brakes
  • Electricals
  • Interiors
  1. One need to make sure that its tire is in the proper working condition during monsoon. The slippery roads make it difficult to drive in the rainy season. It is important to ensure that your tires have treads on them.

The tread depth should be good enough or else there may be a risk to skid over slippery surfaces due to aquaplaning. A regular check at the tire inflation will keep you going tension-free and care-free.

  1. Your car’s wipers and Washer must be at their best during this time of the season. They have a big role to perform to let you go care-free. It is important to have a check at your wipers during monsoon. If your windscreen wipers leave behind some water on the screen even after two wipes, they need to be replaced. Replace them with a safe drive.
  2. Keep checking the brakes of your car for scratches and rust during the monsoon season. Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of a car. One must have a regular check at them during the rainy season. Cleaning of the brake pads is a must during the monsoons. It is important to ensure that there is adequate brake pedal play for the proper functioning of your car.
  3. A regular updating of the electrical connection of your car is required for a safe journey. It is important to fix the loose or weak electrical connection if any. It is also to be ensured that the fuses are in the proper working condition without any extra fuses. Use an amp meter in order to check any leakage or false earthling on the lines.
  4. There are times when the water flows up to the cabin area and damages the flooring. During the monsoons, one must keep a soaking mat inside the car to protect the flooring of the car. Proper cleaning of the car at regular intervals is required for the removal of the bad odor of the monsoons and to keep your car in a healthy state.

These are a few Tips from the Car Care Centre to keep you going tension-free during monsoons. To know more about your car protection and prevention visit our site:


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